Kirsten Ivatts

Kirsten Ivatts is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer & EMO Practitioner Trainer in Compton, Berkshire, England


Help for Manchester - Free Emotional and Mental Support Phone Lines

Listing of GoE professionals offering a free phone session to anyone directly affected by the Manchester 22nd May 2017 terrorist attack. They are specialists in emotional health such as stress, PTSD, anxiety and emotional trauma.

  • Please share this list with anyone affected and encourage them to get in touch. 

Coming Alive - Three Examples of Energy Art

"We all experience energy and emotion in different ways, and when I draw, paint, write, or take photographs I am trying to capture an event in such a way that brings you more than what the eye sees." 

Magical photography, digital art and an inspirational energy poem by Kirsten Ivatts.

The Energist - Vol 2015.2.4 - Harvesting From The Tree of Lights

Autumn 2015 edition of The Energist magazine.

Missing Events - Events Psychology Article

In this Events Psychology article, Energy EFT Master Practitioner Kirsten Ivatts explains that missing events can do even more damage than the ones that happen to you.

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The Energist - Vol 2015.2.2 - Project Sanctuary

Spring 2015 edition of The Energist magazine.

I Am Human! - An Energist Story

In this energist story, GoE EFT Master Practitioner Kirsten Ivatts describes why you are not just 'only human', but so much more. This article was first featured exclusively in the Winter 2015 edition of The Energist magazine.

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The Energist - Vol 2015.2.1 - New Beginnings

Winter 2015 edition of The Energist magazine.

Desert Child

I did a Soul Pilot mission last night for the first time.

It was interesting and had a twist at the end that I didn't expect ...

EFT For A Sick Cat & Her Owner

Kirsten Ellis writes: I had an interesting foray into animal EFT the other day. Another practitioner in South Africa had asked on her Facebook page if anyone could help her with her cat who has been ill. I decided to put my hand up, thinking a. experience with another Energy healer would be good, and b. I’m a big cat person and, well they speak to me!

EFT Case Story: EFT & The Group Entity: Working With A Blended Family

Bringing a family together is a whole new experience using EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques and the group entity pattern.

All the group combines to tap for the whole group, thus avoiding any individual being singled out as a problem, or feeling left out of the process. This is a very bonding experience which really improves the flow of communication and love in a group as in this example shared by Kirsten Ellis from Yorkshire, UK.

Guild of Energists

These websites are provided to all professional members of the Guild of Energists (GoE). The GoE is the worlds largest modern energy organisation and supports techniques such as Modern Energy Tapping, Energy EFT and EMO. To find out more about the GoE and how to join see:

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