Kirsten Ivatts
  • Address Compton, Berkshire, England
  • Mobile Phone 07805 925275
  • Date Joined Qualified January 2012
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I am Clairsentient and Intuitive. I use these talents hand in hand with energy techniques to empower individuals to find themselves.

How do you find yourself?


You begin by releasing the energy that is not your own, that you have taken on over years, either to help others, or unwittingly. This brings a clearer perspective of who you are and the environment you live in. You then unravel the blocks, the areas where energy is no longer flowing, that manifest in your life as emotional problems, phobias, allergies and often have a physical component too.

I use the word YOU on purpose here. I have the knowledge of how this works, and you have the knowledge of how you work! We work in partnership...I hold the space and offer the guidance, and you hold the awareness of your own self, and point out where we should focus. I guide you to help yourself.

Using a variety of tools, I find the right fit for you as an individual, helping you to find your answers, and from there, create your world, as you want it to be.


We are all far more powerful than we think!


I hold the following qualifications;

Energist Trainer
Energy EFT Master Practitioner
Emo Practitioner
Colour Therapist Dip.
Foundation in Meridian Psychotherapy Dip.

A Little About Me

For the past 28 years I have used my energy to hone my clairsentient talents and work in tandem with the part of me that I call the Soul. I have worked with Oracle and Tarot systems to gain spiritual understanding and enhance my experiences of life, and my understanding of how the Universe works.

Along side this I have learnt the basics of Internal Medical QiGong from a Chinese Master, Meditation techniques, I have gained a good knowledge of crystals, and I have honed my ability to tune into anothers energy to gain insights to help them.

I have developed my own version of Energy Retrieval that is very fast and effective, as well as my own way of working with Aspects and Project Sanctuary techniques to create what I call the Magical Community of I.

I am a writer and poet and an energy artist. Creating is essentially what I am all about!


I Believe in the Magic in You.


Everyone of us is capable of magic. Magic is just energy work on a higher level and is very much a misunderstood tool in our internal toolkit. You are capable of magic, I have seen it so often when working with people. People are AMAZING!




I am also available for Trainings and workshops. I love working with creative and spiritual people in particular and can design workshops based on who you are and what you do!

Some of my trainings are conducted via Skype as I understand how people (especially with children), need to be flexible. I have children too. If your children need to be around for a training, I can accomodate that! The kids learn too...and are also great teachers!




For sessions please visit:

*Please note that if you are in receipt of benefits I have a lowered rate for sessions. And if you are on a very low income, don't be afraid to contact me. 


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